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March 31, 2003                                                                                                               MAGNETEK

Dear Customer of MagneTek Systems Drives, 

We are writing this letter to clarify the Magnetek positioin on the DSD 412 and the support of our previous drives lines.

First of all I want to mention that the Industrial Drives department is located in Menominee Falls, WI.  We have moved from the New Berlin, WI operation to our present Menominee Falls Plant including the engineering department and manufacturing.

We are manufacturing the current DC Drive that is the DSD412 up to 800 HP just as we did in the past.  In regard to the DSD312 we are supporting that product line with parts that are available.  We also still support the DC (Saber) 3412 DC drives with parts.

We have selected "BIS Automation, Inc. as our single channel for all the industrial drives and parts that we handle.  BIS Automation, Inc.  (Formerly Beemster Electric, Inc.)  has a long relationship with Magnetek going back to 1970,; they are staffed to handle all the support issues for our Industrial DC products.  BIS Automation, Inc. will handle all customers with technical support, parts, repair and training for all of the Magnetek DC Industrial Drives either current or previous designs.  BIS Automation, Inc. stocks parts for most of the Louis Allis and Magnetek drives that go back to 1970 (Saber and Lancer Lines).  BIS Automation, Inc. information is as follows:

BIS Automation, Inc.
1725 Subruban Drive
De Pere, WI 54115
(800) 504-5982     Fax (920) 337-9901    ""

We want to assure you that Magnetek is making every effort to support obsolete drives with parts and that the DSD312 is supported with parts, technical assistance, training, and field service.

On behalf of all the associates from MagneTek we thank you for your past business and look forward to a contued relationship.


Will Kastner
Sales Manager
Cc:     Gerry Nelson BIS Automation, Inc. 

Memorandum of Understanding                                                                      YASKAWA
Date:          December 13, 2005

To:              Gerry Nelson - General Manager, BIS Automation
cc:              Mike Knapek, Tim Wallschleager, Dennis Fitzgerald, Don McNair, Jim Ueblele,
                   Steve Mack, Ken Hacker, Jean Lonze, Mike Massie, Rafi Wilkinson

From:        Mark Bernicky

BIS Automation will assume all responsibilities to service existing customers on all former Systems Legacy products, (herein defined as the Saber, Smart Trac, MicroTrac, and DSD product lilnes).  This means BIS Automation, Inc. will provide the following for all Systems Legacy Products:

                  Technical Support
                  Field Service
                  24/7 availability

BIS Automation has taken physical possession of the following Yaskawa property.
                  Microfilm Reader/printer and all microfilm files associated with
                  the legacy Systems Products.
                  Microfiche Reader/printer and all cassettes that have the BOM's
                  for the Legacy products.

Yaskawa Electric will supply BIS Automation via CD or other medium:
                 All PAC application code.
                 All .dxf and dwg schematic's and drawing associated with Legacy
                 Drive System products. 

BIS Automation will deal directly with the PCB manufactures to provide all parts for the systems legacy drives and associated parts in the future. 

Yaskawa Electric will supply BIS Automation with all Systems Legacy Manuals in an electronic format if they exist today.

Yaskawa Electric will provide BIS Automation with all paperwork necessary and a list of our current PCB manufacturers.  Yaskawa will give a release to BIS Automation can work directly with the PCB manufacturers. 

Yaskawa Electric will refer all formere Systems Legacy customers to BIS Automation fo Replacement Parts, Field Service, Repairs, Training and Technical Support.  In exchange, BIS Automation must maintain the current high standard of providing such goods and services. 

BIS Automation will provide all referrals that request AC Variable Speed Drives, only Yaskawa Electric product.

GREEN BAY PRESS-GAZETTE                             Page E-14

BIS Automation is quick to provide.....

DE PERE – When the U. S. Coast Guard has a problem with a bow thruster on one of its cutters, it calls BIS Automation of De Pere.

It’s not alone. Companies around the world look to BIS to design or fix the electronics that make their machines work.

“When they are down, they need the parts now. They don’t care what it costs,” said Phil White, vice president of operations. “That’s where we excel. A lot of people don’t want to do that.”

BIS Automation, formerly Beemster Integrated Solutions, is a spin-off of Beemster Electric Inc., which still operates on Broadway in downtown Green Bay. Beemster Electric was sold to a group of employees while the principals in the company stayed with BIS, which recently moved to 1725 Suburban Drive in the De Pere Industrial Park.

White said the company has about $10 million in annual sales, working in both the government and private sectors.

“We are growing. We are really pushing for government work,” he said.

BIS has achieved Central Contractor Registration, which allows it do business with U. S. government agencies, including the Coast Guard, the Navy and NASA.

The company is well established in the private sector:

“The film and foil industry has really taken off. 

Paper is kind of steady. Although we don’t do as much as we used to with that,” White said.

BIS – and Beemster before it – has been “forever serving the paper and automotive industries,” he said.

The company works closely with original equipment manufacturers, such as Paper Converting Machine Co.

“We are the arm of support for their parts,” he said. “We design custom (systems) for them that no one else carried.”

BIS has also acquired lines of work from other companies and picked up experienced engineers in the deal. That experience, both home-grown and acquired, is in demand, White said. , because control systems, by their sheer number; provide a lot of maintenance work.

“One of our guys, Ray Susnik people from all over the world call and ask for him specifically,” White said.

In addition to its staff, BIS contracts with engineers in other parts of the country to extend its reach.

White said the current business model is “out-of-the box” drive systems, a one-size-fits-all approach that doesn’t fit all.

“Anybody who wants a custom system has to find someone like us,” White said.

White said there are a few big players in the system integration and design industry, but not a lot, leaving room for Beemster to carve its niche. 

The move to the former De Pere Machine Corp. building allowed BIS to consolidate and better organize its operations and storage, though overall it’s not bigger than the downtown Green Bay site.

Beemster Electric was founded by Henry Beemster.

He was fascinated by electricity and was continually experimenting and inventing.

White said Beemster, who died in 1986, worked on the Hoover Dam, designed a high-efficiency motor still in use today and drew up plans for heating the turf at Lambeau Field, among many other projects.

John White, Phil White’s father, joined Beemster in 1956, and bought the company in 1988. The White family and Gerry Nelson are the current owners.

“He (John) really pushed the industrial more than the contracting side of the business,” White said.

BIS Automation
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Founded : 1923
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